Catskill Park Trail Conditions - Updated 9/21/2018

It’s looking to be a great fall weekend to enjoy the trails of the Catskills!

It’s looking to be a great fall weekend to enjoy the trails of the Catskills!

This weekend is looking to be a great fall weekend here in the Catskills with sunshine and brisk temperatures! There’s even some color starting to appear on the hillsides as our pops of fall foliage start to appear!

Trail Status: All marked and officially designated hiking trails in the Catskill Park are currently open to the public. All trailheads are open, and all gates are open for interior parking areas.

Trail Conditions: Thanks to a wet summer and regular rain storms in the last few weeks, our trails are wet and in some places muddy. Don’t forget that Catskill rocks are very slippery when wet! Be sure to follow good hiking etiquette on muddy trails when you encounter these muddy areas.

Forecast: On Friday expect cloudy conditions with a high temperature around 70 degrees — there’s a chance for showers or even a thunderstorm throughout the day. Cloudy conditions and showers continue into Friday night with a low temperature around 55 degrees. Saturday will be partly sunny with a high in the lower 60s and a low Saturday night of around 45 degrees. Sunday will be sunny with a high temperature around 60 degrees. Those clear conditions continue into Sunday night with a low of around 45 degrees.

Early Bear Hunting Season: The Early Bear Hunting Season runs through September 23rd. During any hunting season, hikers should: wear blaze orange; use extra caution early in the morning or late in the afternoon when visibility may be reduced; use extra caution when near roads or valley bottoms; and be heard by hunters whistling or talking with your hiking group.

Leave No Trace: When you visit the Catskills, be sure you follow the seven principles of the Leave No Trace Program to make sure you leave the Catskills as you found them and for others to enjoy in the future.

  • Plan ahead and prepare

  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces

  • Dispose of waste properly

  • Leave what you find

  • Minimize campfire impacts

  • Respect wildlife

  • Be considerate of other visitors

Carry It In, Carry It Out: The Catskill Park is a carry it in, carry it out park - please be sure to hike out all of your trash and dispose of it properly.

In An Emergency: Report backcountry emergencies, such as lost or injured hikers, and forest fires to the DEC Forest Rangers at 518-408-5850 or call 911

Road Closure: A single lane on Route 23A between Haines Falls and Palenville is open and two way traffic is being managed by a temporary traffic signal. Expect delays as work continues to repair storm damage. 

Insects: It’s no longer bug season in the mountains, but it's always a good idea to use bug spray to help avoid ticks.  

Ticks (Tick Safety Tips): Be sure to be careful about ticks in the Catskills. Ticks carrying lyme disease are present and active in the Catskills, as are other tick species. Be sure to be properly prepared with repellants (see our suggested products) and always complete a tick check after hiking to ensure there are no ticks on your body. If you find a tick on your body, make sure to remove it properly.

Water Sources: Recent rains have created wet conditions in the mountains. Reliable water sources shown on trail maps are flowing, as are most seasonal streams. You should always treat or filter any surface water before drinking.

Thunderstorms and Lightning Safety for Hikers: When lightning strikes, make sure you are out of the way! Lightning Safety Tips for hikers from the American Hiking Society.

Seasonal Roads and Gates: Seasonal roads have opened for the season. Those roads include:

  • Platte Clove Road

  • Roaring Kill Road

  • Russell Brook Road

  • Mary Smith Road

  • Ploutz Road

The Gates at Alder Lake (Balsam Lake Wild Forest) and at Onteora Lake (Bluestone Wild Forest) have been opened for the season.

Peekamoose Blue Hole: A free day use permit is now required to visit the Peekamoose Blue Hole on weekends and holidays. Permits can be obtained through the Reserve America Website.

Weather: Always be aware of and prepared for changing weather conditions in the Catskills. Check the current National Weather Service Weather Forecast. The NY Mesonet has stations in and just outside of Catskills that provide real time weather data and forecasts. Hudson Valley Weather provides detailed forecasts for the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

The Catskill Interpretive Center now hosts a weather station in the MesoWest Network. Check the current conditions in Mount Tremper, NY.

For More Information: Visit the Catskill Park's visitor center, the Maurice D Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center at 5096 Route 28 in Mt Tremper, NY. The Center is open everyday from 9:30 to 4:30, and until 6:30pm on Fridays. Staff and volunteers can provide trail information and updates. The CIC's Gift Shop carries trail mapstrail guides and more for purchase. You may also shop from home at the Catskill Interpretive Center Online Gift Shop. You can all the CIC at 845-688-3369 or email them at

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