Current Catskills Trail & Trailhead Conditions - Updated 12/11/2017

A winter storm is moving into the Catskills tonight, spreading snow across the region. An inch of snow is expected across the region by Tuesday morning. Snow is expected throughout the day on Tuesday, with a total accumulation of 4 to 6 inches of snow across the Catskills. It is likely that there will be higher snow accumulations at higher elevations across the region, with the greatest amounts on mountain summits.

There may be some mixing in of sleet rain throughout the day, but the majority of the precipitation across the mountains is expected to be snow.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s on Tuesday. Following the storm, temperatures are expected to drop to make for a cold remainder of the week. Expect a low in the teens on Tuesday night, followed by a high in the low 20s on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with lows each night in the low teens or possibly in the higher single digits.

Seasonal roads will not be plowed and the Platte Clove Mountain Road is now closed. It is unlikely that all trailhead parking areas will cleared tomorrow and some may be difficult to reach.

Trails will be generally snow covered with several inches of snow across the Catskill Park. It is unlikely that snowshoes will be needed at all but the highest elevations, but traction devices will be needed as the snow gets packed down on trails, especially in areas where ice was already forming. Following tomorrow's snow, there is a potential for up to a foot of snow on the summits of Catskill peaks (following this past Saturday's snowfall).