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Film Screening: ISOLATION w Casey Kasem

  • Villa Vosilla Tannersville, NY (map)

On April 1, at 6 pm a Free Community Event focused on raising awareness of financial exploitation, fraud, and the abuse of the disabled and elderly is being held at the Villa Vosilla in Tannersville NY.

Kerri Kasem, the daughter of "radio host icon" Casey Kasem, is the Founder of Kasem Cares-a non-profit organization. Kerri, an activist and radio personality, had contacted us upon hearing of the tragedy and unexplained circumstances of the death of disabled Susan Vosilla, and requested to hold the event at the Villa.  She will be flying in from California to inform people how to protect and prevent themselves and their loved ones from becoming future potential victims of unscrupulous exploitation by unsuspecting predators. 

 Kerri Kasem testified in front of the Judicial Committee on the Visitation Bill. The Bill has been passed in 4 states and supported in many other states. She is meeting with Elected Officials prior to the event. It is our mission to help Kerri pass this Bill in New York State and other states to follow. 

Also, on April 1, the trailer of the Documentary ISOLATION will premiere during the "Casey Kasem" Community Event. The Documentary focuses on exposing and preventing this abuse, isolation and financial exploitation. In this country, an estimated 50 billion is taken from seniors yearly, along with immeasurable suffering and harm.  We are striving, that from our pain and tragedy, we can do some good to help others. 

Abuse and fraud of the disabled and elderly can happen to anyone! If this has happened to you or you know someone that this has happened to-speak up! Don't be afraid; you are NOT alone! Contact:

  There wil be refreshments during the event.

However Food will only be served after the event at 7pm .

Kerri requested some music after the event, since there is much progress being made and tragedy is turning into something positive for others.

WE hope to see you on April 1.  Please pass the word along and let us know if you are attending