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A Journal Workshop with Anique Taylor

Through journaling we celebrate, laugh, mourn, and see the world and ourselves with new eyes. A journal workshop is a supportive place to explore ways of connecting with ourselves through writing. Learn techniques to gain clarity of thought, explore dreams, deepen creativity, understand patterns and emotions. Write for life balance, growth, creative expression. Write for brain function and mood. Dialogue with places you've lived. Dialogue with parts of your body. Discover techniques to brainstorm, focus inward, improve your writing.  Explore unsent letters to those you love or those who have passed.  Examine the nature of journals (health, garden, travel, memoir, psychology, etc.). With ample reading lists and class exercises, join us in the great adventure into the art of Journal Writing. Come access the past, create your future, write your story. Come because you have so much to say. 

This class is free and open to the public, although patrons of the Greenwood Lake Public Library are given priority. Seating is limited. To register, call the library at (845) 477-8377