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A Walking Tour of the Comeau Property

Join Will Nixon (Acrostic Woodstock) and Weston Blelock (WoodstockArts) for a walking tour of the Comeau Property with Richard Heppner, our town historian, who will talk about the family who built and owned what is now the town hall as their summer estate. Also, David Aston-Reese of Bird-On-A-Cliff Theater will treat us to some Shakespeare. A naturalist may join, as well.
The walk will be from 10 am to 11:30 on Saturday, October 29th. We'll start at the Woodstock Library. Please register in advance through the library at 679-2213.
I hope to see you there!


P.S. Here's an Acrostic Woodstock poem:
The Comeau Property
            --A Town Park Pastoral
There you go roving,
Heedless of dog walkers and ultimate Frisbee.
Comes easy under the blue sky.
On the summer Shakespeare stage a
Motorcycle gang performs "As You Like It" in leather. The
Easter egg hunt is still going strong in July.
A fawn stares like everything you do must be important and true.
Under the hemlocks you feel safe as a fairy tale:
Pileateds keep chipping away at casket holes, while
Red squirrels play at being a furious army. The stream spilling
Over the waterfalls is never bored by its own slap-happy monologues.
Perhaps heaven is a pirate ship cloud. Don't
Envy the field beyond the "No Trespassing" sign. The lonely
Rose-breasted grosbeak who spilled his heartbreak on-
To his chest needs
You to listen. Nothing is more naked than your ears at the Comeau.