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Be a Wild Detective for a Day!

"It is one thing to see an animal in the wild, but it's something very different to experience an animal through the clues it leaves behind."

Julie Seyfert-Lillis, a naturalist/tracking specialist, argues it engages parts of us that we often neglect. This ancient art blends scientific thinking and imagination and brings a sense of wellbeing from the feeling of connectedness to the creatures that roam the earth when we're sleeping. 

During this tracking workshop we will look for signs of animals ranging from bears to otters. On previous hikes we've seen evidence of both! We'll start by looking at pelts and skulls of local animals. You will see what goes into a basic tracking kit so you can make one yourself that you can use at home or on vacation. Together we'll examine clues we find to piece together a story about the animals and their lives. Was the animal hunting? Marking its territory? Escaping a predator? If there's a good track we'll make a plaster mold of it.

The best footwear are waterproof/muck boots but they're not required.

This event is free and open to all, it is part of the Woodstock Land Conservancy's  First Saturday on the Trail Series.

Please note, the event will be cancelled in the event of steady rain.

Thorn Preserve 55 John Joy Road, , Woodstock, NY 12498

For more information and weather-related updates, go to Woodstock Land Conservancy Facebook Page or www.Woodstock Land