2019 Catskill Mountains Story Festival - Exhibitors 


1st Ulster County Militia
The 1st Ulster County Militia is a group of women and men who recreate the life and times of the mid-18th century, particularly the years preceding and encompassing the American Revolution. The group formed in 1996 as an educational endeavor to keep history alive by portraying common people who joined the war for independence from Great Britain.  There were four regiments of militia in Ulster county during the Revolution, recruited from various regions of the county. The 1st Regiment was composed of men from the Kingston, Saugerties and Woodstock area.

Michael Boyajian
Michael Boyajian is the author of 25 books. He is a retired attorney and former human rights judge. He and his wife Jeri and their three cats love in the Hudson Valley where they enjoy their Cicero garden and library.

Catskill Tri-County Historical Views
Catskill Tri-County Historical Views is a biannual publication of the Gilboa Museum and Juried Center. It celebrates the history of Greene, Delaware, and Schoharie Counties.

Creativity Caravan
The Creativity Caravan is a studio, gallery, and imaginarium founded in 2013 and located in Northern New Jersey. We offer art and writing experiences for kids and adults of all ages and abilities, and our mission is to spark, engage, and nourish creativity in communities everywhere through the joy of discovery and power of collaborative learning. Our home away from home is a 1973 Hunter Compact II travel trailer, nicknamed “Sunshine Doré.”

Sandra Gardner
Sandra Gardner is the author of seven books, fiction and non-fiction. Dead Shrinks Don’t Talk, the first in the three-book Mother-and-Me mystery series, was published by Black Opal Books in May, 2018. Grave Expectations, book 2, was released in December, 2018.  Death of a Nuisance, book 3, is scheduled for 2019. Halley and Me, a coming-of-age novel, won the 2012 Grassic Short Novel Prize from Evening Street Press. Non-fiction books include Teenage Suicide and Street Gangs in America, published respectively by Simon & Schuster and Franklin Watts. Street Gangs in America received a book award from the National Federation of Press Women. Previously, she was a contributing writer and columnist for The New York Times.

Hanford Mills
Hanford Mills Museum features an authentic water- and steam-powered Sawmill with a 1926 Fitz Overshot Waterwheel, restored 19th century water turbine, steam power plant, and vintage woodworking machines.In addition to the Sawmill, the Museum’s 70-acre site features 15 other historic structures including the John Hanford Farmhouse, a Hardware Store, Feed Mill, and Woodworking Shop.

Purple Mountain Press

Silver Hollow Audio
Silver Hollow Audio is a Catskills-based audio studio and publisher of audiobooks about the journey and the places where nature, travel, and history intersect.

Connie Spanhake
Connie Spanhake writes fiction books for both children and adults and also offers programs to schools that deal with issues such as bullying, believing in yourself, and perseverance. Spanhake loves meeting and connecting with people.

Ulster County Clerk
The Ulster County Archives operates under the auspices of the Ulster County Clerk. The Mission of the Archives is to identify, store, preserve, arrange and describe the archival records of the Ulster County government and to provide access, outreach and public programs to the people of Ulster County. The Archives offers 4 different DBQ curriculum guides related to local history using primary documents in the County Archives and 7 different activity packets in their “For Kids” series.

Ulster County Library Association
The Ulster County Library Association serves all residents of Ulster County and provides support for the county’s 21 libraries. They will raffle off children’s books, have a coloring station, and information about the UCLA’s services.

Roger Wall
As a child, Roger Wall lived throughout the United States—east coast, Midwest, the South, west coast—before touching down at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studying fiction writing. Writing and editing assignments let Wall explore the worlds of education, rural development in Africa, small town news, medicine, and grassroots environmental advocacy. Wall’s first novel, During-the-Event won the 2018 Permafrost Book Prize in Fiction.

YWCA Ulster County
The YWCA Ulster County exists to serve women throughout their lifetime. From childcare services, to youth leadership programs, to teen parenting services, the YWCA Ulster County continues to take a leadership role in not only the delivery of services, but also, in the advocacy of issues that affect the lives of women and their families. They will have information on their programs, a used book giveaway, crafts for kids, a display from their preschool students, and a raffle.

Zadock Pratt Museum
Zadock Pratt Museum is located in the 19th century Greek Revival home of Congressman, banker, soldier, and tannery owner Zadock Pratt. The house was built in 1828 and re-designed in 1856. Since 1986 it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum opened to the public in 1959. This year marks its sixtieth anniversary. Its collections and programs are dedicated to Pratt’s interests and long-lasting influence in the area.