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The Tanning Industry, and how it Changed the Catskill Forest

Come discover in pictures and stories how the tanning industry changed the Catskill Forest. In the middle 1800's there were many tanning mills scattered about the Catskills. Hides were brought from as far away as South America to be turned into leather. Financed by large firms in New York City, the Catskill tanneries depended on the natural resources of the Catskills. Exploiting these resources had a major impact on the forest. Join Paul Misko as he tells this story.

Paul Misko has spent many years exploring Woodland Valley and researching it's history. He has written numerous articles on hiking and history, and has given talks and done trivia quiz shows on WIOX's "From the Forest" radio show. He is the founder of the Catskill 4000 Club, which focuses on unusual, and history related hikes, and teaching outdoor skills.