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Trail Build at CIC

We have set two workshop dates for the CIC trail to learn about side hilling and the proper way of building that trail.  It is a short trail (about a half mile) but pretty complex as far as construction and is nearly 100% side hilling.  Anyone who would like to be a crew leader for the construction of the trail must attend one of these workshops.  Ama our professional trail builder will be the teacher for both so you will learn something and as I said due to the complex nature of this trail if you want to lead a crew you must attend one of these classes. 

The first is on April 10th and the second is May 7th both on the trail from 9 to 5.  Please register at links below so we can ensure we have enough tools for all. 

 April 10th -

May 7th -


Thank you for your understanding in this manner and once you take the class with Ama you will understand how complex this trail really is and how there is no room for error. 


Look forward to seeing all of you!  Please also let me know what day you would like to lead a crew, it does not have to be every week but we want to offer the public many options in coming to help, 3 or 4 days of construction a week.  I am going to lead a crew every Friday and if no one else is available most Saturdays or Sundays as my schedule allows.  The grand opening for this trail (which everyone is invited to) is June 4th so the deadline is tight.  Thank you to those who already signed up.

These classes are also open to the public so if you just want to learn how to build complex trail or have friends that do or have other trails that need construction then this is the class to take, Ama is very busy and it is a great opportunity to have her here to teach the classes. Invite all who are interested.