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Lost Landscapes and Hidden Legacies




The Catskill Interpretive Center invites you to a talk by Glenn Kreisberg of the Overlook Mountain Center and NEARA

Saturday February 20th 1 PM – 3 PM 

Stone Cultural Features and Ceremonial Landscapes of the Catskills and Hudson Valley

 "Lost Landscapes and Hidden Legacies: A Survey of Stone Structure Sites in the Hudson Valley, Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains of New York."

Stone walls, stone piles, cairns, standing stones, stone effigies and star maps.

Who made the stone structures in our woods and on our mountainsides?

When they made and for what purpose? How was the land used long ago? 

Could there be more to the story we still don’t fully understand? 

Evidence may exist to support the theory that an ancient cultural group used features in the landscape of the northeast woods, to express their belief system and carry out astronomical observations. Were the observations preserved by manipulating the natural terrain to create alignments between landscape features, manmade monuments and the horizon? Some of the alignments appear configured over great distances. Petroforms and geo-glyphs have been discovered which appear to represent star constellations in the northern sky. These findings hold the potential to reshape our understanding and concept of what ancient (prehistoric) man, in our region, knew and was capable of accomplishing.

Glenn Kreisberg is a radio frequency engineer, writer and researcher who served two terms as Vice President of the New England Antiquities Research Association ( ) Glenn currently serves as Chairperson of the Overlook Mountain Center in Woodstock, NY He has researched and published articles and interviews on electromagnetism and the ancients, ceremonial stone structure sites and alignments in the northeast U.S., and Archaeoacoustics, the archaeology of sound, among others. Glenn is co-editor of the NEARA news desk and founder and editor of the alternative science and history web site He has edited and contributed to the anthologies “Lost Knowledge of the Ancients” and “Mysteries of the Ancient Past”, published in by Inner Traditions - Bear & Co. His third book from IT, “Spirits in Stone”, will be out next year.

The talk will be held at the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center

5096 Rt. 28 Mount Tremper, NY 12457 845 688 3096

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