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Hunting Workshop with Sonny Somelofski

For many people hunting is not just a sport. Hunting can be a way of life, putting a person in touch with nature.

In the 1800's game was scarce. Forests were clearcut and mountains denuded during the late 1800's and early  1900"s for tannery bark. Most areas were cut bare. Very few deer until forests regenerated. 2nd growth forests made for better habitat.

Agriculture increased and as it did,so did animal populations. Game was viewed as a sustainable resource. Most game in the Catskills are "edge" feeders. Game populations increased because of availability of "Edge" habitat. When NYS pu bag limits into place populations increased. DEC is continuously tweaking the management process to insure better hunting.

I. Hunting tradition, heritage and history

II. Species hunted

III. Pre-requisites for hunting

IV. Access to hunting land

 V. Introduce DEP rep to speak of hunting opportunities for DEP properties.

 VI. Trip planning

 VII. Hunting Methods

 VIII. Conclusion and roundtable discussion